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Why does my weight keep increasing????


Hello all, the most common question that my patients and relatives ask me is – I do not eat much still I don’t know how my weight increases ???

Actually the reason is sometimes we don’t realize we are eating certain foods which are high in calories and they increase the weight. I’ll write down few things which will help you decide better..

An average adult requires 2200-2500 calories per day. If we exceed this limit, it is converted into fats. Most of the times we cross this limit and end up gaining weight.

Here are a list of common food stuffs that we eat and their calories.

Food items Calories (Approx value)
1 samosa 350 cal
2 kachori 375 cal
1 pani puri plate 270 cal
1 portion of pop corn 500 cal
1 scoop Ice cream 200 cal
Cold drink/ milk shakes 250 ml
1 pizza 800-1000 cal
1 subway 500 cal
1 vada pav 250 cal
2 Medu Vada 500 cal
Cheese Frankie 250-400 cal
Mayo/cheese grilled sandwich 600-900 cal
1 butter naan/ paratha 300 cal
1 cup wafer 400- 700 cal
Roasted peanuts/ sing/ peanut powder 100-200 cal
1 cup paneer/cheese 600 cal
1 burger 350 cal
French fries 500-700 cal
Biryani/Fried rice 300 cal
All starters 350- 1000 cal
A portion of restaurant sabzi 250-500 cal
1 cup gathiya/fafda/sev 250-400 cal
3 ras gulla/ gulab jamun 300 – 500 cal
Pastry 300-500 cal
½ cup cashew/pista 400 cal
2 butter pav 300 cal
Chocolates 200-500 cal

Amount of exercises needed for Calorie loss –

  • 30 min walk – 120-150 cal loss
  • 30 min power yoga – 150-250 cal
  • 30 min jogging – 300-400 cal loss
  • 30 min swim – 200-300 cal loss
  • 30 min Zumba – 500 cal loss.

As I said earlier, an average adult requires 2200-2500 calories per day. A balanced meal is having around

  • Breakfast – 800 cal,
  • Lunch – 700 cal,
  • Evening – 250 cal
  • Dinner – 500 cal.

In normal days we usually eat what is required. But on the days that we eat out, go for movies, malls, dinner, marriage, parties, office events – on these days we eat almost the double than we should and end up taking extra calories which get accumulated over a period of time and leads to weight gain.

For e.g. a Saturday/Sunday night dinner –

With 1 starter, 1 naan, sabzi, dessert – easily crosses – 1500 cal!!

A casual meet with a friend in McD, Pizza place

With burger + French Fries + coke = 1100 cal

Pizza + coke + garlic bread + cheese dip = 1500 cal

A movie evening –

With sharing a large pop corn + coke = 800 cal

A dessert on weekdays/weekends after homemade dinner –

Can be 600-800 extra calories..

One night out at friends place –

Piece of cake + chips + cheese dip + soft drink = fried snacks = 1000 – 1400 cal

At a wedding/ social event/ office party/ buffet meals – we end up eating lots and lots of things. That one meal itself goes to 2000-2500 cal at times – one full day’s quota of calories.

So you may be eating properly on most of the days of the week. You must be eating salads, green tea, oats etc. But those 4 or 6 cheat days in a month can upset your calorie intake drastically, and you may end up eating 8000-12000 calories more than you should have eaten. And with this surplus intake of calories – even if you walk or jog for 25 days a month, you will still end up with increasing weight.

So my advice would be to think and eat. For the pleasure of our taste buds we eat too many wrong things which leads to weight gain and then diseases like Diabetes, Blood pressure, PCOD, Heart attack etc.

Prevention is better than cure.

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