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Homeopathy (Hit-Opchar)

 A lot of people now a days opt for Homeopathy. What makes Homeopathy so special? Here’s why you should pick this science for a solution to your ailments:

1. You as a Whole:

Homeopathy considers you as a whole. After all you are much more than just the sum of your body parts. That is why, you should feel free to tell your homeopath about all your ailments, whether it is your acidity, headache or skin complaints. At Hitaarth, we will take into consideration all your ailments and prescribe a medicine after giving due consideration to all your problems.

2. Minimum Medicines:

What follows the above fact quite naturally is that since we consider everything while prescribing, you will be required to take minimum medicines. Once you begin consulting a homeopath, you can say good bye to the days of lugging around a heavy medicine box full of different sized tablets for each and every complaint – one medicine for headache, one for allergy, one for preventing the acidity arising from the headache medicine… the list just goes on! Just pop few sweet pills and you are good to go.

3. Side Effect Free:

It is a well known fact that Homeopathic medicines do not have any side effects. Have a sulfa drug allergy? Tend to get acidity from certain tablets? Worried about drowsiness after taking anti-histamine medications for your colds? Forget all these worries once you start on homeopathic medicines! Your body will love you for these side-effect free medicines.

4. Customized for You:

Your migraine is not the same as your colleague’s. So how can your medicine be? The reason why your homeopath asks you so many detailed questions about your illness, is because he has at his disposal hundreds of medicines for your migraine. These questions help him pick a medicine that is exactly suited to your migraine. Such a detailed, tailor-made, individualized treatment can only be offered by a homeopath.

5. Enhanced Immunity:

What fun is it if your tablets and syrups only give you relief for this episode, only to come back with a bang again the next week or month or season change? Once you start on homeopathic medicines, we at Hitaarth see to it that instead of only tackling this episode, our medicines also improve your immunity. This will ensure that your consequent episodes are less frequent and less intense. Gradually we aim to strengthen your immunity so much that it is able to take care of your health without relying on medicines.

If you are looking for a treatment modality that is holistic, safe, individualized and long lasting, then look no further than Homeopathy!

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