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Tips to overcome Protein deficiency


Hello, Today we’ll talk about one of the most important parts of our diet – PROTEINS

I have seen many children come to me with protein deficiency. Young girls having hair fall. Elderly having joint pains etc. Somewhere all of them have a base of protein deficiency.
Bcoz we don’t know what to eat. How to eat wisely. Protein deficiency causes hair fall, weakness, poor immunity, short height, etc.

Protein deficiency was commonly seen in poor people with a lack of nutritious meals. Nowadays we are seeing protein deficiency in the general population also, especially children coming from a wealthy background. The main reason for this is also the lack of nutritious food.

Children these days don’t lack food, but they lack nutritious food. Most of the food they consume are empty calories, filled with carbohydrates and fats. The concept of a balanced meal is not followed.

Signs of Protein deficiency in children and adults – 

  • brittle hair
  • brittle nails
  • poor skin texture, dry skin, cracked skin
  • swelling of legs, abdomen, face, below the eyes.
  • low immunity
  • recurrent cold and cough
  • short height
  • under weight or over weight
  • tiredness
  • low stamina
  • breathless after simple exertion

Imp tips to complete ur proteins in ur diet – (especially for growing kids)
– Have 1 cup of daal every day.
– Have a good amount of nuts – Almonds, walnut, pista, etc.
– make vegetables of pulses -moong, chole, chana, rajma, etc.
– eat brown chana (roasted) 1/2 cup daily as a snack.
milk and milk products- Dahi, lassi, cheese, paneer, etc.
– khichdi – 3-5/week
fancy dishes high in protein – Dosa, sambar, daal dhokli, green chana chaat, puran poli, pani puri with moong and ragda, daal baati, etc.

Idea is to have a balanced meal every day, so these food substances should form a part of your daily diet.

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These are general guidelines, if you have any more doubts you can type in the comment section or Whatsapp us on 9867132280.

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  1. Sambhav doshi Sambhav doshi

    Very helpful information for daily diet..

    • Dr. Hitesh P. Fariya Dr. Hitesh P. Fariya

      Glad u liked the post. Do read the other posts, you might like them. and share it with others if you find them helpful.


    Very informative. Have been reading all your posts. Thanks for sharing all the valuable, must know details.

    • Dr. Hitesh P. Fariya Dr. Hitesh P. Fariya

      Glad you liked my posts. Yes these are some simple but valuable tips which i feel everyone should know. Hence i have started this health blog.

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