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Calcium – Part 1


Hello.. I wish to start with a very important update today..
It’s about – ‘CALCIUM’

There r lots of sub-topics..
*Sources of calcium,
*Signs of deficiency,
*Who requires more calcium,
*Myths about calcium…

It’s difficult to cover all of them in one post. So I have divided it into 3 parts. (Plz read it in order)

Today we. ‘ll talk about – ‘ Sources of Calcium ‘

1. Nachni is one of the richest sources of Calcium.
Six Nachni roti in a week can take care of 40% of your calcium requirement.
[Plz don’t eat Nachni chips, khakra or biscuits – they don’t have adequate Nachni]
Nachni ki Goad papdi (Gujarati sweet) or laddu is also good.

Kids should be given Nachni almost every day till at least 12-15yrs of their age.
One Nachni roti is equal to 2 glasses of milk (for calcium content)

2. Milk and milk products.
Milk, Curd, lassi. paneer are rich sources.
Avoid cheese. It is rich in calcium but also has high fat and salt content.

3. Pulses
Try and make use of pulses often.
Different daals, Khichdi, Chole, rajma, Ragda in pani puri, chana chaat, daal dhokli etc are highly nutritious.

4. Dark green leafy veg

5. Nuts – Almond, Walnut.
Oil seeds – Til, flax seeds (should be avoided for overweight people, as it has high calories)
Til ki chikki is extremely healthy for a growing child.

Thats it for today. Please make a note of all the sources. They are easily available and can be added to your daily diet.

Nachni is the most imp thing.

[Myth Buster – Bananas are not a good source of Calcium..
They are a rich source of Potassium and Magnesium..]

Hope you liked the post.
Be healthy. Keep smiling.

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