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About Us

Hello, I’m Dr. Hitesh P. Fariya, M.D.(Homeopathy) doctor & a dietician by profession. I also teach in a Homeopathy medical college in Mumbai. I’m the founder of Hitaarth Clinic and have been practising since 8 years.  Helping others in need has always been my calling. I have been doing it on a small scale all these years and Hitaarth is a platform to provide my services to a larger group of people.

Few months ago, I had heard a beautiful TED talk by Devdutt Patnaik, where he explained that any business model is based on 3Bs.

3Bs – Belief , Behavior, Business

What we believe dictates how we behave and in turn decides how we do business. Jaise Vichar, Waisa Vyavhar, Waisa Vyapaar.

So what are our Beliefs, Behaviors and Business motto at Hitaarth Clinic?

Belief (Vichar) – My belief has always been to do real good work for the suffering society. Whatever we do, we should put our heart into it. I believe that if one has some knowledge which can be useful for others, one must share it and make an effort to reach out to maximum people.

Behavior (Vyavhar) – Many of u know me as a friend/family/doctor/ professor. I have always been an emotional person. I’m always ready to help my friends and family. I rejoice in their happiness, and cry with them in their sadness. This is the same with my patients too. Patients become a family to me. I know their full life history, their deepest sorrows & insecurities. I always try and give optimum time to patients, attend calls at odd times, call them to ask about their health. For me I’m not just seeing patients, I’m seeking to make good relationships. I believe one needs to be a good human being, before being a good doctor.

Business (Vyapar – Practice) Well, clinic can never be termed as a business, I term it as Practice. I do have to charge my patients because clinic is my only source of livelihood. A lot of money has gone into my studies, attending conferences, courses, setting up clinic etc. Nothing in this world can be done for free. However, we should make sure that we do not run after money, or exploit patients for money. I know many wouldn’t agree to it, but most of the doctors like to do genuine work, and they are not running after money. If they wanted to earn lots of money, they could have easily chosen another well paying field, and earn that money.

Hope you give us the opportunity to heal you, and make a difference in your lives.

Thank you.

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