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Charity (Jan-Hit)

Being in the medical field, we feel very privileged that we can help many people with our knowledge.

Hitaarth Clinic provides Free/ concessional treatment to the following people –

  • Shraman Bhagwant –┬áJain Sadhu-Sadhvijis. We provide completelysadhu free treatment to all the Jain Sadhu-Sadhvijis. We personally visit them to the Upashray, they don’t need to travel to the clinic. So if anyone comes across any shraman bhagwant who requires Homeopathic medicines, kindly let us know. It will be a privilege to provide our services to them.
  • Orphaned Children – We provide free treatment to any orphans who are in need of medicines. We even conduct camps at free or concessional cost.
  • Old age homes – We conduct regular camps to old age homsponsor-a-childes within Mumbai. It has started on a small scale, we hope to make it bigger with time and your support.
  • Poor people – People who are economically extremely poor. If any of your servants or helpers are unable to pay for treatment, we provide free or concessional treatment for them.
  • Military personnel – As an honor to the sacrifices that they do for our country, we provide free treatment to any person who is serving or has served in our Armed Forces.

If you wish to refer anybody who can benefit from homeopathy, do feel free to get in touch with us by clicking on this link here.



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