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Dr. Hitesh P. Fariya (M.D. Homeopath, Dietician), and his team present to you ‘Hitaarth Clinic’.

Hitaarth is a Sanskrit word, which means – ‘Hit ka Nimitt’. Which means a person who plays an important part in other’s well-being.

Our main belief at Hitaarth Clinic:

Our main focus is towards the ‘Hit’ of the patient. that is towards his true well being. We feel that medicine is a science with the help of which we can provide some really good service to people. Doctors are not God, but doctors are instruments through which God operates. There is some higher power which heals the patient, Hitaarth is a medium to do that well-being.

Our Unique approach to the patient:

At Hitaarth we provide a specialized treatment plan made for each and every patient. The treatment plan consists of – Homeopathic medicines, Diet modifications & Counselling sessions all of which are specially designed for every patient.

Homeopathy – we provide homeopathic treatment for many diseases/ conditions. Homeopathy is one of the most complete, safest and fast method of therapy.

Diet – we provide diet modifications in the patient as per his disease condition. Whether he needs to loose weight, or if the child needs to eat more calcium etc.

Counselling – A majority of the illness are due to the stress that people face constantly. We understand the patient’s personality and help him deal with the issues which may lead to recurrent stress, which may in fact be the cause of his illness.

With such an idea in mind, of curing the patient as a whole… We welcome you to Hitaarth clinic. For a journey from Illness to Wellness..

The services that we provide:

Our Clinic Locations – 

We used to have our clinics in Andheri, Malad, Borivali and Ghatkopar. Currently, we are operating from our Andheri (W) clinic. To get the exact address and timings kindly click here.

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