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There is a beautiful connection between the Mind & the Body. A Healthy mind has a healthy body.

A lot of our illnesses are as a result of the constant stress that we go through in our daily lives. It is well proved that illnesses like Diabetes, Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Psoriasis, Bed-wetting etc are all due to stress. The mind gets affected first, and then the body gets diseased.

5d06d6fb8aa4bb0bd42f81ace5ea2216--monday-motivation-positive-success-quotesAt Hitaarth Clinic, along with the physical health, we focus on the mental well-being of the person also. We encourage the person to develop a positive attitude to life, to try and overcome his obstacles or to understand his situations and adjust, or to just wait patiently and allow the storm to pass.

Pure counselling sessions are also provided for people suffering from Anxiety disorders, Depression, Low confidence, Stammering, Hyper-active Children.

It is beautifully said in a book,
Chitta & Chinta both are very similar to each other.
Chitta (चित्ता – Pyre) kills the body from outside… and
Chinta (चिंता – Worry) kills the mind from inside.

Once the issues of the mind are sorted, everything else falls into place automatically.

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