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How do I STOP my Hair fall !!!


Hello all, today I’m going to talk about the most awaited, most requested post by all.. Hairfall.. It will be a two part series. Today I’ll be discussing about hairfall in Women, and the next post will be hairfall in Men.

I’ll be talking about causes of hairfall. Some of the causes are self-created (so you can avoid them), some are easily correctable (which you may do it by yourself), some are because of internal disease (for which you will require a doctor’s help)

  • Hair treatments – This is one of the commonest cause of hair fall. Hair straightening, hair iron, blow drying, bleaching, hair color, chemical treatments, hair Spas everything spoils your hair growth, hair texture, hair roots. You might look pretty for one day or one week, but your hair are damaged for months. Please do not use creams/lotions/products suggested by parlor ladies, for your hair as well as skin, there do more harm than good.
  • Not taking care of hair – regular oiling, good scalp massaging, cleaning/hairwash regularly. All this helps strengthen the roots, and keeps the hair shiny. It is advisable to use a hair conditioner after shampoo wash. Oil your hair before every hair wash. Don’t just oil it 30 mins before or over night, do it on previous evening.
  • Iron deficiency/ Vitamin deficiency/ protein deficiency – Girls always seem to be on a diet, counting calories and eating. Or being fussy eaters. Its good to be calorie conscious, but avoiding vegetables, daal rice won’t make you thin. They have essential proteins and vitamins. Kindly avoid the pizzas, chips, frankie, pasta, sandwiches etc. and concentrate on eating right. Iron deficiency, vitamin deficiency and protein deficiency are one of the most common causes. You need to visit your doctor for them, he would advise you the appropriate nutritional supplements and a good diet plan. Have home cook food, have warm food, and have your meals regularly.            Read – Proteins, Calcium deficiency.
  • Stress!!! – Long term stressful conditions may lead to hair fall – office pressures, financial issues, household issues, boyfriend issues, ex-boyfriend issues, studies pressure, pressure of children, in laws etc. You need to correct them, and try and be happy or focus on some better parts of your life. Speaking to a friend/spouse or a counselor may help you.
  • Recovering from illness – When you suffer from any sudden or longterm illness e.g. Dengue, Malaria, Typhoid, jaundice, surgeries – your nutritional levels go down, immunity was weakened, body was busy with the fighting mechanism. So hair are overlooked for sometime. Eat well, rest well, finish your proper course of treatment – the hair growth should return back soon.
  • Pregnancy/Lactation –The nutritional requirement is very high in pregnancy. Many women don’t take the nutritional supplements that are advised by the doctor. They have to be taken even during lactation (breast feeding) If you don’t take them you and your child may suffer from hair fall, weak bones etc.
  • Hypothyroid – Hypothyroidism is a disease in which your thyroid gland functioning is decreased. Thyroid hormone is essential for many functions, one of them is hair growth. You need to visit your doctor, and get treatment for hypothyroid. No matter how much hair treatment you do, your hairfall won’t stop unless hypothyroid is corrected.
  • PCOS(PCOD) – Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome/Disease – is a hormonal imbalance that happens in a woman. The periods are irregular, weight gain, facial hair are the main symptoms. It is usually accompanied by hair fall too. Kindly visit your doctor and get treated for PCOS.
  • Alopecia – it is an auto-immune disease in which hair fall occurs in spots. Please visit your doctor asap, it has a tendency to spread fast. It is closely related to stress, so kindly decrease your stress levels too.

Friend’s these were just the common causes of hair fall, there many more to go.. like chemotherapy, trichotillomania etc. But it is not in the purview of this discussion.

The main reason to write this post is to create awareness about different causes and take the appropriate measures..

  • Many a times hair fall is caused by your wrong habits – hair treatments etc. so stop them.
  • Some causes are due to negligence – iron deficiency, protein deficiency, pregnancy etc. So be extra alert.
  • Some are stress related – you need to decrease the stress otherwise hair fall will keep coming back
  • Some can be treated only with a doctor’s help – like PCOS, Alopecia, Hypothyroid – so start treatment asap.
  • Please do not get your hairfall treated at a local parlour or fancy skin clinic, please visit your family physician/ homeopathic doctor/ dermatologist.

I have tried to include all the questions, if you have some more queries you may write in the comment section. Or if you want me to write on any particular topic, write it in the comments.

To know about Hairfall in Men – Read my next post – Hairfall in men.

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  1. Angel darwin Angel darwin

    Very useful one sir?

    • Dr. Hitesh P. Fariya Dr. Hitesh P. Fariya

      Thank you angel. Glad you liked it.

  2. Jay Doshi Jay Doshi

    nicely elaborated!! Convincing on how to take care of hairs!! ?.. thanks a bunch for this article!

    • Dr. Hitesh P. Fariya Dr. Hitesh P. Fariya

      Thanks Jay.. Glad yo liked it.

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