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Hit-Granth – Booklist.


#HitGranth, Hello Students, here’s the list of books that’s available right now.

Download the pdf file to see the full list – HitGranth Jan 2021

Important Instructions – 

  1. These books will be given to the student for reading purposes only, the books belong to Hitaarth Clinic. The student must return the book after s/he has completed the reading or the time allotted is over, whichever is earlier.
  2. Sufficient reading time will be given to every student – ranging from 1 month to 2 years. No time extension will be given. The books have to be circulated to other students also.
  3. The books are available free of cost. But a deposit of Rs 100, will be taken, which be refunded once the book is returned. This is to make sure only interested students claim the book and prevent hoarding of books. If a book has 3 volumes, Rs 300 should be deposited and so on.
  4. We Expect you to take good care of the book, no markings with pen are allowed, minimum pencil markings, if possible please cover the books. Like you are benefiting from this book, make sure the subsequent reader will also benefit from it.
  5. If a student misuses this initiative or mishandles any book – he will be blacklisted, and won’t be given any further books.
  6. The books have to be collected from my Home – D.N. Nagar (Andheri West) at a fixed date and time given to you. Please do not request me to get the books to college.  Exact time and day of collection will be told soon. If you can’t collect that time, you can send someone else. No other time or place will be entertained. 
  7. If need arises, Hitaarth Clinic can ask back for the book at any point in time. The student should return back the book in 15 days.
  8. If the condition of book is spoiled or book is submitted late – the student will not get the deposit back.
  9. All the decisions made by Hitaarth Clinic will be final and mandatory.
  10. This is completely non-profit initiative by Hitaarth Clinic. Infact we have put in loads of efforts, time and our money for the benefit of students.
  11. I really didn’t want to put in so many rules, but this initiative has grown very big and some instructions have to be given for smooth functioning. You all are my students and I want everyone should benefit from these books.
  12. My home address – Room no 701, Tirupati-Casa Divine Bldg, D.N. Nagar, Andheri west.  Google locationClick here (5 mins walk from D.N. Nagar metro stn, 15mins in auto from Andheri station or CMP college)

Make good use of these books, enhance your knowledge and practice Homeopathy with Love and Passion.

With Lots of Love, Hitesh Sir.

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