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How to improve your child’s health – Blog no. 1


Hello, everyone. I’m starting a new blog series. It will be focusing on the Health of Children. It is a 4 part series, where I’ll be covering a lot of details about how to improve your child’s health. So keep reading.

(If u don’t have kids, and don’t plan to read the whole post, kindly share this post with all the parents that u know of, it might be useful to them)

(People who are married with no kids, you all too read this post, it will be helpful for your future child)

In this series, I will be talking about a common question asked by all mothers –

Why does my child gets sick so often???

Most of the mothers come to me, saying my child keeps falling sick almost every month. He has a constantly running nose and cough, and he needs to be given antibiotics almost every time. What should I do? What is the problem, that he falls sick so often?

Well, HEALTH is a crucial balance, which can be tilted by many factors.

A child’s health is dependent on –

  • His diet. Is he eating good healthy food?
  • His water intake, is your child getting dehydrated?
  • His body’s immunity – his ability to fight infections
  • How often does he play – his physical fitness?
  • Is your child happy? – Yes, it’s an important factor we all miss.
  • Do you complete the full course of medicines?

I will be talking about all these points and more. Today it’s the first post, so I will keep it short.

I want you to start a very important habit –

Make sure only good nutritious food goes in your child’s mouth.

A child’s body is a growing body. It’s like a house you are building. If the raw materials (Food) that u feed him, are not good, the body will be weak. The house will be weak and fall easily.

These days kids are not getting the required calcium, and vitamins that we used to get from our regular food sources. It is mainly because our diet has a lot of fast food and junk food.

A child eats a very limited amount of food, toh aap jo bhi khaana do acha khaana do. Don’t give him chips, chocos, farsan, biscuits, pasta, pizza at all.

Adults can eat them, bcoz even if they eat biscuits they eat the same quantity of their regular food. But if a child eats 4 biscuits, he will not eat 1 roti. This is a big loss to the body.

If a child eats a chocolate or a bag of chips while returning from school, he won’t come home and eat his meal. Please stop this habit.

Don’t choose easy steps. I know these days mothers are working, but please keep food the priority. I have seen many mothers who give jam bread, noodles, chips, and fruits in the tiffin bcoz they don’t want to make warm snacks or are too busy to do.

And please don’t say your child doesn’t eat all those things, if you ate it when you were small, your son would eat it too. You are giving him an easier option. You might have to force him to eat, do it, it’s for his own good.

So just start this habit from today. Whatever your child puts in his mouth, u first check, is it going to add value to the body? If not, please throw it away.

A child is like a locker – only real jewellery and documents will go in it, not newspaper or imitation jewels. Similarly in the child’s stomach only good nutritious food should go, no nonsense food.

It seems a very simple and basic tip to follow, but not everyone follows it. Kindly do it for your child, I’m sure you will see a big difference in your child’s health.  If u have any specific doubts write it in the comments section, I’ll try and answer them all.

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