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Whatsapp Update

Whatsapp Health Updates (Hit-Sandesh)

As we have talked earlier, Hitaarth believes that – ’If we have the ability in doing some good, it becomes our moral responsibility to do that good..’

Hitaarth has started an initiative to spread health awareness to everyone. Blog and Facebook page are a part of that, same is this whatsapp updates.

Whatsapp can be easily accessible for people who don’t use social media regularly. It is one of the easiest way of communication, as it is used by almost all. The msgs can be read again easily and can also be shared easily.

We send health updates regarding following topics –

  • Current illnesses and how to prevent them
  • Diet tips – for weight loss, weight gain.
  • Information about common diseases
  • Rectifying certain myths
  • Health tips even by Orthopaedics, Pediatricians, Surgeons, Dentists, Physios, etc.
  • Special msgs for health of children.
  • Correct postures and exercises.
  • Tips for mental health and peace.
  • Clarifying any wrong health msgs that are being sent on whatsapp.

This service is available for all, it is a Free service. Anyone can enroll for this service. We strongly believe in the saying –‘Prevention is better than cure’

More than 600 people have subscribed for it. You can even ask for friends and family to join in this.. To register for these Whatsapp update – Just send a whatsapp msg from your number to – 9867132280

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