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Important points about calcium deficiency – Calcium series 2


Hello. Hope u read the last blog. This is Calcium – Part 2. (Kindly read Calcium part 1 before this)

In this post, we will discuss – Who requires Calcium? what special attention we should pay to them.

The answer is – everyone requires it. From a 1-day-old child to an 80-year-old man. But few people require more calcium than normal. If you don’t give calcium during this period, they will surely develop Osteoporosis in the future.

* Growing children – from 1 to 18yrs of age. Their bones and muscles are growing.
* Pregnant women & during breastfeeding.
* After menopause. The hormones decrease therefore calcium absorption decreases.
* old age – 55 years plus.

These above 4 categories usually require some additional calcium supplements (only diet might not give them enough calcium)

* Young kids should be given Nachni compulsory almost every day, till 12-15 years of age.

* Pregnant women require calcium. Many pregnant women take calcium regularly for 8 months, but they neglect it during breastfeeding. Kindly continue calcium supplements till you are breastfeeding the baby.
If the mother has a calcium deficiency, her breast milk won’t have enough calcium, so the baby will also have a calcium deficiency.

* Post-menopausal females – require more calcium because the calcium absorption from food decreases.

* Old people must compulsory take calcium. Most of them have early osteoporosis (weak bones). They might soon develop knee pain, and back pain. If they have the slightest fall- they may get fractures, which become difficult to heal because of old age (and if there are other diseases like – Diabetes, blood pressure) So please make sure your parents and in-laws take calcium.
Nachni is best for them too. (I’m a Die hard fan of Nachni ☺)

Myth Busters –
Myth – Taking calcium Supplements can lead to Kidney stones!!!

Truth – No, Kidney stones are caused by Less water consumption.
So please have 2-3 liters of water along with calcium.

Imp Note –
Vit D is very important for calcium absorption.
If you are taking good Calcium, but lack Vit D then the calcium won’t be absorbed.
Almost 70% urban population is Vit D deficient. So I advise Vit D supplement to be taken for almost all age groups. It’s very easy to take, and overdose is rare. Plz ask your, doctor, how to take it, or you may contact me for further help

Hope you follow all my advice.
Keep smiling & Make others Smile too.

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