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Hello.. Welcome to Dr. Hitesh P. Fariya’s health update.. (Hit-Sandesh)

Hope u had a nice week.

Visited many ganesh temples.
Paryushan is over too..
Most of you are Jains.. The ones who don’t know about Paryushan.. will also have a rough idea about it..

(Jains ask for *forgiveness* from everyone, if they have hurt them intentionally or unintentionally in anyway throughout the year..)

My today’s topic is about *FORGIVENESS*…


Most of the illness that i see in my clinic are *stress related*.. be it Blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, psoriasis, Pcod etc..

Besides financial stress. Another main cause for all issues is the anger & resentment that people hold in their heart _(Dil mein saalo tak gussa aur nafrat bhar ke rakhte hai)_

*People hold grudges for years together..*
Brothers not speaking to eachother..
Father-son not speaking to each other.
Husband & wife fighting on things & removing past incidences…
People u were best friends with some years back, u don’t speak to them anymore.

People live in the house like strangers, talking only to the point.

_All this anger really burns us from within.._
We cannot sleep peacefully, eat peacefully.
If u see that person or remember his name, ur *blood boils* or *mouth gets bitter*..

I know many saints & religions advice to forgive everyone & live in peace…

But today as a doctor i would like to say to u..
*FORGIVE everyone,* and live in peace…

Forgive the person not bcoz he deserves it.. But FORGIVE him *bcoz YOU deserve peace*..
That person is happy in his life, u r spoiling ur health bcoz of it..

Let go of those pain, sorrows & tortures… and smile & life happily..
*Life is too short to hate & hold grudges..*

I know few things r too hard to forget & forgive, but just leave those memories and focus on other good parts of ur lives…

*Keep smiling & make others smile too..*

I know this isn’t like the usual health update that I give… but i don’t want to focus on just physical health…
It’s also important to have a healthy mind…

Hope u read the whole post.
It was lengthy but i had to cover few points, and also write in simple language for all the readers…

Michhami Dukkadam.
*Dr. Hitesh P. Fariya*

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